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The Target Credit Card gives consumers the choice of a store credit card or a Mastercard-branded credit card—purchases are permitted wherever Mastercard accepts the Mastercard logo. For those who buy a lot from Target and are likely to pay off their balances quickly, a Target credit card can be a good choice with a 5% discount and no annual fee. Regular Target customers can use this card at no annual fee.

If you’re a regular Target customer in-store or online, the card’s perks and perks should be attractive. Target Mastercard doesn’t offer big rewards or discounts at other stores. The Target Mastercard offers the same in-store benefits, but can also be used outside of Target. If you plan to use your Target Mastercard at other stores, please note that the 5% shopping discount applies only to purchases at Target and the store’s website.

If you pay with a RedCard, you’ll get 5% off Target, but no extra rewards. When you use a RedCard, you’ll get 5% off all purchases, same-day shipping, pickup and special gift cards. In addition to your 5% discount, you’ll get an extra 5% off when you use your RedCard for sales, this week’s best deals, and special gift cards for travel, restaurants, movie tickets, and more. When you sign up for your Target RedCard debit, credit or MasterCard, you’ll get 5% off every purchase you make in-store, online and at in-store Starbucks locations.

When it comes to discounts, both options offer the same 5% discount on most Target purchases in store and online, as well as a 10% account anniversary coupon each year. It doesn’t matter if you usually make large or small purchases at Target, as most of your purchases at Target will be 5% off. Nearly every purchase you make as a cardholder is eligible for a basic 5% discount, giving you tangible savings every time you shop at Target.

The 5% discount applies to nearly every possible Target purchase, with the exception of certain restaurant stores, prescription drugs, and Target exams. If you use your card responsibly and don’t make the RedCard mistake, this is a great way to save on every Target purchase. If you have access to Target but don’t shop there every week, there’s nothing wrong with keeping that card in your wallet in case Target launches.

This card gives you more time to try out larger purchases before giving up on them entirely. We also recommend using a card that will give you cashback and rewards when you shop at other stores, restaurants, online or anywhere. If you don’t spend a lot at Target, chances are there’s a better cashback card for you.

While Target offers a 5% discount on purchases, other credit cards offer refunds, with credit card issuers refunding cardholders a percentage of the purchase amount. Gap, Macys-branded store cards, and some other retailers offer 5% off in-store purchases, but cards outside of retail rarely offer a permanent 5% bonus. Some other retail cards, including the Sams Club Mastercard and Costco Anywhere Visa, require you to accrue rewards over a year and use them all at once on a single trip to the store.

Competing cards from retailers, like the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard, only offer first-year cash back bonuses on Walmart store purchases. Even if you only use the card occasionally, it’s worth keeping because in addition to daily savings, RedCard offers exclusive limited-time discounts. While that makes the Target RedCard less attractive as an everyday card, the value it offers in the form of discounts, free shipping, extended returns and exclusive add-ons can make the card valuable to active Target shoppers.

REDcard targeted products include a debit card and two credit cards, all with a $0 annual fee and offer the same 5% discount. Another type of RedCard is the RedCard debit card, which withdraws funds directly from your personal account to pay for purchases and offers users discounts, cashback and other benefits. Target also offers a debit card that is automatically charged to your checking account.

Target also includes free shipping on most card purchases for Target online orders, making shopping with Target even easier and more convenient. As with all credit cards and store credit products, paying off balances in full and paying on time every month will increase your credit and save you money on late fees and interest, worth the 5% savings. Target Store. This card, like many store cards, is known to offer low credit lines initially, but increases your credit limit depending on your payment history and card usage.

It would make much more sense to open a balance transfer credit card with a long introductory offer of 0% APR and transfer more than $10 to it. It would have been much better to apply for a total reward credit card than he could have offered me a signup bonus which I could end up using to cover my purchase of Target from that day on and he would reward me for all expenses I made elsewhere.

I opened a Target REDcard(tm) credit card in the middle of the year, after some sales from a cashier who promised me that I could save money on those days’ purchases right away by filling out an application at the store. Some time later, as a Target REDcard ™ credit card holder, I was upgraded to The Target REDcard Mastercard.

Last Updated on February 6, 2023


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