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How do I login to my account with Sandnes Sparebank?

In order to login to your account with Sandnes Sparebank, go to their website which is available in Norwegian language only. You can use Google translate to get the website translated in any language you want. Click on a blank space on the page with the right mouse button and choose translate to English or any other language. from the menu that appears and the page will be translated to English or whatever language you choose. Click on Logg inn. OR, their is an English language available on the entire website, to switch to English language, just scroll to the end of each page on the website, and click on English, which is available in the right corner at the end of each page.

Sandnes Sparebank login

You can either login with online banking login, or you can login with bankID on mobile. Enter your necessary data and login/sign in to your account with Sandnes Sparebank.

Online banking

Some tips about Sandnes Sparebank online banking

How to create BankID with code tag?
You must create a BankID at the bank. Remember to bring your passport.

How to create BankID app?
Have the code tag available
Download the BankID app from the App Store or Google Play
Follow the instructions on the screen.

Activation steps:

activate BankID app with code chip
activate BankID app with BankID on mobile.

How to create BankID on mobile?
Have the code tag available
Create BankID on mobile

Additional useful information

BankID on mobile is created in the bank that gave you the code tag.
The code chip is still the only option for logging in in some places. Take care of it.
Some mobile operators may charge for using the service. Ask your mobile operator if you are wondering what applies to you.

Tip! Do not throw the piece
Have you activated the BankID app or BankID on mobile and think you no longer need your chip? The chip is still active, so take care of it. You may need it when:

You get a new SIM card.
Then the BankID on the mobile must be reactivated in the online bank, and you need the chip to log in.

What if BankID on mobile is blocked?
If your BankID on mobile has been blocked and needs to be re-activated (e.g. you have entered the PIN incorrectly 3 times), this is easily done in the online bank under settings – activate BankID on mobile. In this case, you must use the chip to log in to the online bank.
You must sign eDocuments.
In cases where you cannot sign with BankID on your mobile, you must use the chip, so remember to have it and your password readily available if, for example, you need to sign loan documents.
We remind you that BankID is blocked for security reasons if you do not use the BankID chip for two years. You will then receive a message from the bank reminding you to activate BankID 60 days in advance. We recommend that you log into the online bank with the BankID chip within two years and activate BankID. If you exceed the time period, your BankID will be blocked and you must contact the bank.


The code tag is personal. Put it in a safe place. Put the password somewhere else!
Never give your personal code or password to other family members, or to banks or the police
Contact your bank as soon as possible if you lose or have your code tag stolen
Do you experience an error message when you log in with BankID?
In many cases, you can solve this yourself and not have to contact the bank. Feel free to check this list if an error message occurs.

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/sandnessparebank-sandnes-norway/